Deadline, what about part VIII and IX

And for today’s post, a little bit more about our favorite story on the Deadline novel, and I have realized along all of this reviewed chapters that besides it is a story and sometimes is very suitable for the topics they want to translate from the theoretical perspective to the approach in the real world, an by real world I mean all the story and events that happens and you don’t even see it coming, that is one of the best points of all of the storytelling. Well at least most of the time. But as long it helps you to understand and learn all this concepts its ok.

*insert predictible history here

At the begining of the chapter we get to see that they, Mr. T and Lashka, pretend to hire or at least test if the Dr. is suitable for the Job or at least what they are looking for. They intend to hire a consultant called Dr. Héctor Rizzoli. The whole purpose of hiring him is to add him to help to do their experiments on what they want to improve, after they test him on a conference they decide is the right person for the job.

They don’t live happily ever after ar at least once they start working together. A new methodology comes up for improvement and they decide that that can be productive but in the long run is going to work they just don’t need that much time loss. That’s why they try to manage and focus on the risks, they get to see that the lost time by fixing errors are worst that any other thing so they decide to come up with another thing.

So at the end the facts or learning lessons are just focusing on the little mistakes, those are the ones that takes all of your time and they could appear to be equal to the large ones by the quantity of them.

A new foie has appeared and yes it is a good one, this character will helps us to understand the importance of the hard work and value what we have, and the most important thing, learn from our mistakes more than our success. Off course it sounds a little cliché but it doesn’t mean it is not right.

Downloads: A New Foe Has Appeared! (SSB4) on Make a GIF

The new character is the ex General Gabriel Markov who is an ex military and intend to help rather than rest because he is old and experienced. And e en if Hendrix ask him after experience. the most important thing was not be underestimate by his attitude is just old, nothing to worry about.

The lesson here is not how you fail or how you succeed but how you get to fix that mistake and measure in any way you can.

All along this last chapters many people has been recruited. Why is that it seems that they are more interested on the people that the project they are designing, so we can conclude that it is more difficult to get the right people that do the actual job.

till the next one…

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