Tools for V&V

Automation is used by the supporting language, commonly used a script language computer to automated the software application. There are varios tools to write automation scripts. Allows us to identify the process that can be used to automate the testing process. Tools for version control GithubGitkrakenGitpod Tools for testing HP Quick Test ProfessionalSeleniumIBM Rational Functional... Continue Reading →

Software Testing

Software testing, a definition easy to comprehend and difficult to implement. For starters this the term makes reference to the term to the process when we evaluate the functionality of a software application with an intent to encounter whether the previously developed software product met the specified requirements or not and to detect if the... Continue Reading →

Software Quality

Hi all!, this is the first entry for my class at the Software Quality & Testing topic, this is kind of an introduction so hope you enjoy it! What is software Quality? Well, everyone at the beginning have done some coding that are not so proud of or are just not that much comfortable doing... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to compilers

The origin The compiler term was invented in the 1950s by Grace William Hopper. This has been viewed as the translation of machine language of a sequence of machine language from subprograms selected from a library. Used to be called automatic programing, and there was not even the idea of this become real. What is... Continue Reading →

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