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Software Testing

Software testing, a definition easy to comprehend and difficult to implement. For starters this the term makes reference to the term to the process when we evaluate the functionality of a software application with an intent to encounter whether the previously developed software product met the specified requirements or not and to detect if the product is free from defects and errors to ensure quality and reliability.

Software testing process

According to the ANSI/IEEEE 1059 standard is a process of analyzing a software item to detect the differences between existing and required conditions and to evaluate the features of the software item. The process of evaluate a system or its components with the purpose to find whether it please the requirements or not.

The cycle and the current phase will determine if it is possible to test the software or will be rearranged when to do the testing and when to end it during the SDLC.

Types and levels of testing

An audit and an inspection are different ways to validate and test the code by a group of people in which can be contribute a feedback. This formal meetings are common followed up by the processes phases of planning, overview preparation, inspection meeting, rework, and follow up.

Activities and roles in testing

It can depend on who is taking part on this project. The ones of the stakeholders included on the project. But, when it comes to the large IT industry companies have teams responsable to evaluate the current software with the given requirements. Developers can conduct however what is called unit testing. professional systems are involved with testing with capacities with their respective obligations.

  • Software tester
  • Software developer
  • Project Lead Manager
  • End user

The designations for people on the project are given accordingly on his experience and knowledge such as software tester, software quality assurance engineer and QA analysts.

Testing environments

The environments are the atmosphere on where you program or application is being held. It depends what can of perspective you want to achieve because if you want the opinion and testing the user end will give you a feedback as a beta test or some similar.

Test Case Design techniques (open and closed views)

Audit is a systematic process to determine whether the process is being conducted by the development team. Mostly works on an independent examination process during the testing of a software.

The inspection is formal way to define the technique which reviews any part to identify any errors or gaps inside. As the IEEE 94 inspection is a formal evaluation in which the software requirements such as designs and codes are exanimated in detail by a person or a group of persons. So the author can define any faults or corrections.

Process for control and management of defects in artifacts

By testing the documentation involves the artifacts which should be developed before or in the current meeting of the software centralized. This documentations helps to calculate the performance and effort required to make a complete coverage test, requirement tracking or tracing. The commonly used artifact part of the documentation.

Testing artifacts:

  • Test plan
    • The strategy used will be used on the documentation
  • Test scenario
    • Notifies in where the are will be tested
  • Test case
    • Involves a set of steps and conditions in which inputs can be used to measure testing tasks.
  • Traceability matrix
    • Table used to trace the requirements during the software development cycle


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