Extended toughts, part II

This is your well known section I’ll talk about everything that have made impact to me.

And yes it has been an instes las few weeks. The projects and exams do not stop. Make me realize that hard work can be pay off. I encounter myself to 2 exams left, with no projects and many prospects and goals to do on the summer. One of the things that I have been recently influenced by is my online class.

The Simpsons | Bart fails again?

In this class they talk about everything it has to do with professional life and even work on my career. I find myself really keen on this kind of talks because not only tells you how hard life it is, but actually reminds you of how many times have you been tired of things and many times can be frustrating and hopeless every effort you make. But at the end is all for myself so is good with me.

The confinement that we all find ourselves have made us change in a better or worst ways. For me is ok but recently I have seen that no many people find ok with this lifestyle. Even with his family around.

And for the section of material m&m that i recommend I can tell you that the work of Childish Gambino is worth listening to. If you are one of these people that are not keen or feeling this nre music generations this will surprise you. Gambino (Donald Glover), is an artist that start with music and end up acting directing and writing such good stuff. The music and every material that he releases puts his ideas setting a new vision to tell people to wake up, and question everything. The thing I am referring when I way wake up is to free yourself of this systems that do no work or let you work because as he says wtay WOKE.

He is an african american artist. that keeps the idea of start talking and what america have have become a country where people can be hypocrite and recently more than ever racists. In the song This is America talks about everything that this double standard that has travel through the years in the United States. And yes his last work is awesome.

This is America | Childlish Gambino

Not that many notices but I can say that Donald consider himself or at least perform as an Nihilist. This reminds me of how life can be exciting as you want. And even if we don’t find sense on living if we are going to die maybe you should consider think more like either way death is certain and the one thing you can make sense out of is life. Like Camus describe on his book the plague, the actual plague neer leaves and bring with it death to everyone at the end. What I am trying to point out here is the fact that find that energy that gives you that fearless attitude the source is what you have to find.

The Simpsons

The witter Camus on his book also refer that even when they beat the plague there is always another plague, right?. But what makes livable. So what is the point to live?. What Camus find on the characters is that they find themselves on the position where they have been blinded by this fact or at least they deal with it at the moment they truly start to live. I am no professional critic but you get the idea.

If you are reading this, thank you for this semester!.

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