Extended thoughts

Hello everyone, this is a new section that I want to call, “Extended thoughts”, as an inspiration of a podcast I was just listening to the creation of this section will be allowed and hosted from me.

As everyone know. And if you do not know good, that means you are new in here. I am studying computer science. Yes not that hard so far, or maybe I am used to this pain called online classes. Just kidding. But yes they are horrible.

Last session of one o f my classes war entertained by a professional, and it was of our same careers. At the beginning they start talking about how the ISC program have changed his life and to them was a real success. I have to say that, that comment gave me home, and not only because they felt good about that but because they were geeks and like visual effects, star wars and all that incredible stuff that this generational change is getting. Then I realized, the programming job is obvious but where to get and where to start was the main thing.

The Clone Wars, Season 7 | Lucas Film Animation

I consider myself a Star wars fan, not that I know everything but more than most. I don’t want to study animation completely but that would be fun to dream of. Or even work on, at least on my field. And yes they are kid of related to my career. I only choose it because was the only thing that I did not get bored about.

The Mandalorian | Disney Plus, Lucas Film

If you are familiar with the new Star Wars series that came out called The Mandalorian, you will see that there are some documentary series that the directors talking about their inspirations and how Star Wars has change his life. The Dave Filoni, one of the best Star Wars producers and show runners and person who I personally admire, tells how do he becomes to work for Lucas Film. Which is the production company that does everything about Star Wars. And he doesn’t even start working with them. He actually start with some nickelodeon show and when Lucas recognizes him he is invited to work for a show called The Clone Wars. That eventually will become a success. But that is another story.

The reason why am talking about him is because he doesn’t even have a title about that specific job. But when you like and respect something that much you can find your way in. Hope to say that one day.

Art Gallery of The Mandalorian Directors | Disney plus

In conclusion, working for a company can be kind of impossible, but many times this is about contact and recommendations, so where to start?, maybe apply for many interns positions as I can and entertainment and visual stuff. An abroad study would be enough to start. LA maybe?. Thanks for reading.

If you like web you will find goo to know that Udemy is giving free courses and discounts right know. Currently I am watching this course of React, this famous framework from Facebook. You can check it out here: React Course Good luck!

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